# Downloading Mooncake

# Android

# Download from the Play Store

If you have access to the Google Play Store, you can also join the Beta program and download the new version of Mooncake as soon as they come out.

Google Play and the COVID-19

Due to adjusted work schedules at this time, the Google team is currently prioritizing the review and publication of apps published, commissioned, or authorized by official government entities and public health organizations.

What this means is that even tho we already published the new Mooncake version on the Google Play Store, you might not be able to see it for the time being. For this reason, if you want to have the new version without waiting for a lot of time, we suggest you downloading it from GitHub.

# Download from GitHub

If you want to download Mooncake for your Android device, you need to perform the following operations:

  1. Go to the Mooncake's release page on GitHub.

  2. Download on your device the .apk file of the version that you desire and that suits your device better. All the available files are listed under the Assets section.


    If you don't know which one is the APK file best suited for you, we recommend you downloading mooncake-X.Y.Z.apk.

  3. Once downloaded, install the app by simply tapping on the downloaded APK file. This should open up a popup asking you to install the app. Once the procedure has been completed, you will be able to use Mooncake.

Additional steps may be required

If you never installed an application from third parties, you may require to enable third party application support from your device. To do so, please search online how to do it (it varies from device to device).

# iOS

If you have an iOS device, the only way to download Mooncake is to join our beta testing program and download the application from TestFlight.